happy mother’s day yall

hey OPB blog.  i’m waiting for my parents to get here so we can go birdwatching and have a picnic.  cause it’s mother’s day!  shout out to everybody who does mothering work.  here’s 2 things.

1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edaxLq7QSxQ

2) and from a message i wrote friday:

“today at work i bought all the groceries, picked up the now-fixed coffee machine from the repair shop at the totally other end of the city, did the semi-therapeutic-parenting-style childcare, did the bungee cording bookcases-for-toys-that-i’ll-assemble-and-reorganize-the-house-on-behalf-of-on-monday onto the top of my car (w bungee cords that i only happened to impulse-buy while target groceryshopping) while 5 yr old boy ran semi-amok with his stuffed animal and ikea carts, y’know, arranged for playing with the neighbor kids and chit chatting with the neighbor mom, bathtime, fucken, all the things…. and THEN managed to feel a tickle of envy when elroy gave his dads cute presents they made at preschool for mother’s day. GROSS! it’s awesome that his preschool teachers made gender neutral mother’s day presents for elroy (all the other kids had 1 muffin in a paper bag with a poem in it, but elroy got 2 to take home with “i love you” instead of “happy mother’s day”). but when is it feminized labor worker day? i want a goddamned muffin. LOL”

and y’know what, actually The Cadet’s mom gave me a donut at the end of my workweek for them.  fuck yeah, i was gonna say, ATR, nannies get muffins…but really, what am i complaining about.  maybe i’m bringing donuts to the playground on monday.


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